If you decide to design your own entry, it must meet the following criteria to be feasible:

  • We need a vector graphics file.
  • Provided the graphics are really feasible and there is no need to improve them, the vector .PDF is enough
  • When it's almost ready, but you're not sure: an .AI file with layers.
  • Important: in order to do something colour, also frame (highlighted metal) should also be given to him!
  • The edge of the medal is usually always framed (highlighted metal).
  • Colour selection: we need a PANTONE code, which can be easily found in the or ask a paint store for a pantone colour chart. If you can't find one, we'll find the colour that best suits you.

Design of coins

The medal shown on the side is the 2018 I. Őrség Cycling and Cross-Country Festival made. We superimposed a photo of the finished medal on the computer design and then satin etched it in a few places. It's great to see how the area that was only marked as black or grey on the computer will look in the final result.

Always choose a colour that will be highlighted metal or recessed. Then indicate this under the graphic, and it should be easy to understand your work becomes. 🙂

Design of tapes

Designing the ribbons is no more complicated than designing the medals. We just ask you to respect a few technical parameters to ensure the best possible quality.

Standard sizes:

  • Width: 850 mm
  • Height: 25 (most common!), 30, 35 or 40 mm
  • Runners: 30-30 mm at each end and 2-2 mm at the top and bottom
  • Colour coding: CMYK
  • File format: vector PDF or AI


Since the ribbons are sublimated, you can use any colour you like, no restrictions.