Let your medal be your jewel!

Made with precision machining medal, badge, keyring, fridge magnet competition organisers, entrepreneurs.

3M+ medal

We have produced more than three million custom medals.


We have hundreds of references. Visit us and have a cup of coffee and see our work so far!


We have our own graphics team, we can design any product.


We are dedicated to ensuring that not only our customers but also those who deserve them end up loving our products.


Durable, great souvenir for companies, we can mould any logo.


Unique medals

Quality zinc alloy coin with sublimated neckband.


PVC patches

Velcro or sewn on. Extremely durable, even for professional bodies! 

PVC sewing
PVC sewing

Neck straps

Sublimated neck straps with carabiner, passport holder.

Neck strap

Fridge magnets

Made of metal, cork, plastic with quality workmanship.

Cooling magnet
Cooling magnet

Commemorative plaques

In a logoed gift box, either for world competitions or diplomatic presentations.

Commemorative medal
Commemorative medals


Finely machined, with butterfly or magnetic fastening.


Millions of medals

During our career, we have produced more than 3 million medals and more than 50,000 T-shirts. Our references can be viewed in our Budaörs office by appointment over a cup of coffee.

Why choose us?

Trust us, we know what you're into...

...why is that? We, the ENTRY.EN your team also we are race organisers. We believe in quality memorabilia and quality events. We were one of the first in our country to introduce the 100% sublimated race shirt (with entries) and we are constantly innovating and experimenting with medals. We believe that it is a failure from the point of view of both the client, the participant and the contractor if the medals handed over are put in a drawer, lost "among the rest". With each assignment, we want to commemorate the event, the performance of the runner and, last but not least, our work. That's why we don't keep under the counter stamped or lined-edge plate coins, social-real plastic goblets or ceramic doves. It's either this or nothing...

Numerous implementation options

Looking for a special and unique prize? We use a variety of techniques, from the tried and tested antique to colour-changing, hand-painted, phosphorescent and other metal finishes. Of course, we also add UV printing, clear resin, 3D machining, LEDs, rotating parts, hemp rope, glitter powder, mirrors, database-based custom engraving, stickers, magnets... huh, and we could go on and on... 🙂 But we've used real lavender seedsin the Austrotherm Tihany Half Marathon medal too. 🙂

You can't get stuck, we can help you with everything!

  1. Request a quote
  2. Telephone and email consultation on graphics
  3. Design approval
  4. Preparation of a construction plan
  5. Approval of the implementation plan
  6. Production
  7. We will take professional studio photos of the medals for you
  8. We hand over the medals