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If you're looking for unique medals from a team who are race organisers themselves and know all the ins and outs, here's a tip: contact us. Because we weren't back then.

BEFUTÓÉREM.HU™ - the medal and jersey making workshop of the organisers of the Tihany, Szigliget, Sunrise and Sunset Half Marathons.

We have spent a good part of the year on the Tihany peninsula since we were kids, which is where the idea came from when we announced our first community run on Facebook in autumn 2015. No timing, no medals, no nothing, just out into the blind. To our surprise, 333 people were waiting for us at Piac Place on 26 September. When we decided to go ahead and designed our heart-shaped medal, now known as the symbol of our Tihany and Sigliget races, we couldn't find a contractor who could produce the detailed design that won the title of the most beautiful finish medal in the country in 2017. So we embarked on a special field, the final product of which we had never seen before, because we had never sold or taken delivery of anything like it.

Yet, one thing became clear very quickly: people are taking a piece of these hearts home with them from the competitions. That in a sea of competitions, uniqueness and quality are the cornerstones that distinguish a dozen from one. When we first started in the business of organising competitions, we knew essentially this: it's only worth doing if you can create something unique and lasting, otherwise forget it. With this in mind, we started producing our own technical sublimated jerseys in 2017, because we realised that the vast majority of domestic competitions were essentially a waste of money. It spends on jerseys and equipment that later end up in second-hand clothing bins or not even accepted. However, a unique, quality material will circulate on the race tracks for years, remembered fondly by a competitor for years, when it is in their hands, yet it costs no more, nor does it represent more energy. In fact, that's what we came up with almost 5 years ago and that's how befutoerem.hu.

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