Surface treatments

The following collection is designed to help you find the right surface treatment for your needs. Every surface has its positive and negative sides; antiquing is available at a reasonable price, and in many cases, just by darkening it, it can replace a painted colour, while a black medal is not as showy on its own as if you add at least one colour (see below). If, after looking through our gallery, you're just missing a little something for the perfect result, the best process and the most eye-catching design, don't worry, we'll help you find that little something based on your design.

Antiqued gold, smooth

Antiqued gold, sandblasted

Antiqued silver, plain

Antiqued silver, sandblasted

Antiqued bronze, smooth

Antiqued bronze, sandblasted

Shiny gold, smooth

Shiny gold, sandblasted

Shiny silver, smooth

Shiny silver, sandblasted

Shiny bronze, smooth

Shiny bronze, sandblasted

Matt gold, smooth

Matt gold, sandblasted

Matt silver, plain

Matt silver, sandblasted

Matt bronze, smooth

Matt bronze, sandblasted

Shiny silver, smooth surface, with colouring

Shiny silver, with smooth surface and mica powder colouring

Painted (black) metal with glossy finish

Painted (black) metal with matt finish

Painted (black) metal, matt finish, with colouring

Painted (dark blue) metal with shiny surface

Painted (black) metal, with glossy surface, hand-painted colouring

Shiny silver with smooth surface, fluorescent, coloured

Black nickel medal with shiny surface.

  • Transparent painted medal
  • LED finishing medal
  • Medal in a decorative box
  • Colour laser-printed medal
  • Engraved finish medal
  • Finishing medal with epoxy resin